When you are at right alititude you will fly high
and reach your purpose.

Find Your Passion
Find Your Purpose

Success is your own personal symphony...Let the music play

Providing An Expectional
Patient Experience

Purpose is the thing that drives you the thing that you
can't let go

It's your journey , But
you are not Alone.

Dr. Purpose

Who is Dr. purpose?

Dr. purpose born Donald Murphy, has been building personal purpose driven ownership, and communities. This is done through self exploration, spiritually, and academically. His programs helps people create total personal empowerment.

What is All About?

Doctor Purpose has been blessed to collaborate and form relationships with some great community organizations. He has worked with churches, schools, youth groups, mentoring groups, non-profit, for rural, suburban, and inner city communities. He is expanding his reach out to everyone that is looking to find there empowered purpose starting with the youth.

Why He Does This?

Dr. Purpose was created through personal experience about 7 years ago. The loss of his mother at a time when his life was falling apart left him at a dark downhearted state of mind. Unlimately he had to look within, a make a personal challenge to himself to find reason for the belong in life.. his purpose

Accept The
Purpose Challenge


Meet The



You will be guided to look in yourself with interactive discussions, and eye opening self explorations to remove the roadblocks that stand in your way.

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